Can you imagine it? Imagine your parish, filled with people who are alive with faith. Imagine a living community in which every person is recognized as having talents, given to them by our good and gracious God, to be developed and shared throughout their lives.

Do you dare to dream of a parish in which people are engaged in a living relationship with Christ and one another, who live in mission as disciples?

The Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC) has been established to help you create and sustain such an engaged community in which members know and live their strengths. 

CSEC was recently represented at the International Catholic Stewardship Conference in Dallas, TX. We are grateful for the opportunity to share the good news of strengths and engagement leaders from throughout the world through workshops and in the exhibit hall! The photos here are from our ICSC experience, visits with CSEC members, and time to dream about possibilities for the future. Share your experiences of strengths and engagement by joining CSEC Connected Community (it's free!).

See the engagement and strengths tabs on this site for slides and handouts from 2013 ICSC presentations by founding members Stephanie Moore and Leisa Anslinger.

The Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community is a non-profit public charity. Your tax-deductible donations help to support the ministry of CSEC.