Welcome to the Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community

We have exciting news to share! CSEC has moved!

If you have been a part of the Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community in the past and went to our previous site, you might be surprised to find yourself here. CSEC has moved from the Connected Community platform we have used for the past four years. The purpose of the Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community is to provide networking and sharing opportunities for parish and diocesan leaders who wish to build engagement and foster strengths development. We have heard many of you express your frustrations with the complexity of the site, and found that the cost of the platform ($5500/annually) was prohibitive, particularly when most members said they did not use the site well or at all.

With the help of Kirsten Hangas, CSEC now has a Facebook group page, found here:


The Facebook group will be our primary place for sharing, asking questions, and networking. You may share documents, video links, and PowerPoint slide decks as you have in the past, with the ease of connecting to the group within your already existing (or new) Facebook feed. Documents that are shared on the Facebook group page will also be stored and organized in a searchable manner for later use. (See below for more details.) Please consider putting your Clifton StrengthsFinder Top 5 in your profile on Facebook if you have not already done so. This helps us know one another better and spreads the word about Strengths to those who are not already aware of this wonderful tool for discovering and developing our God-given talents.

Documents and links already shared in the Connected Community libraries have been moved and stored in folders. Member Don Simoneaux is exploring platforms that will provide a place for document sharing and will let you know as soon as a new file-sharing site is up and running.  The documents that have been widely downloaded on the Connected Community will be moved to this new site as time permits. We will continue to support this website, www.CSEC.info as a general place for people to find us. CSEC.info will also continue to be our place for CSEC Live registrations and initial information about engagement and strengths to inquiring leaders.

CSEC Live! Continues

Mark your calendars now for two exciting CSEC Live! opportunities in the coming months:

September 19: The Role of the Engaged Faith Community in Meeting Spiritual Needs

“In my parish, my spiritual needs are met.” What are people’s spiritual needs, and how do we meet them? The Spiritual Needs Survey was developed in order to help parish and diocesan leaders gain understanding into this vital element of building engagement. 3700+ respondents have participated in the Spiritual Needs Survey thus far, and it is still open for your parish or diocesan participation. When we think of the survey as a large, international focus group, we recognize an opportunity to learn from people of many ages and stages of life and faith. Leisa Anslinger will share highlights of the survey responses thus far, providing insight into people’s spiritual needs and the ways in which the responses echo the engagement research.

October 24: Social Media as an Engagement Tool

Join Trey Glasscock, CSEC member and a founder of Fidelis, a Catholic social media app, for an exploration of the role of social media in enhancing and building engagement in your parish or diocese. We know this is a timely topic, and are grateful to Trey for his willingness to lead us in what is sure to be a lively and meaningful conversation!

CSEC at the International Catholic Stewardship Conference

CSEC will be represented at the ICSC, October 5-8 in Orlando, FL with an exhibit table and many opportunities to network and share. Please let Stephanie Moore or Leisa Anslinger know if you plan to attend the ICSC. Your help at the table will be appreciated! Strengths coaches: we may have the opportunity to offer coaching to conference participants if you are willing to serve in this manner. Please let us know so that we may plan accordingly.

About the Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community

Can you imagine it? Imagine your parish, filled with people who are alive with faith. Imagine a living community in which every person is recognized as having talents, given to them by our good and gracious God, to be developed and shared throughout their lives.

Do you dare to dream of a parish in which people are engaged in a living relationship with Christ and one another, who live in mission as disciples?

The Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC) has been established to help you create and sustain such an engaged community in which members know and live their strengths. 

CSEC is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that is dedicated to providing networking and sharing opportunities for parish and diocesan leaders in order to build engaging faith communities in which people are invited to know and live their God-given talents as disciples of Jesus Christ. We rely on the active participation of parish and diocesan leaders in order to enliven the community through sharing of time and talent in community initiatives and through financial stewardship.

The Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community is a non-profit public charity. Your tax-deductible donations help to support the ministry of CSEC.